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Appeal for donations from the co-chairs

Once in every four years, the Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation renews its appeal for contributions to the Oxford-Canada Scholarship and commitments for the following three years.

As you will see in the letter on the recent history of the foundation from our senior Director, H. Ian Macdonald, the scholarship, which funds study in Canada for Oxford graduates, is unique. It has inspired the loyalty of a great many Canadian Rhodes Scholars for more than 65 years.

As relatively younger scholars, we support the scholarship because it is close to us. The Foundation doesn't have goals to "change the world" but on very little money, $30,000 to $50,000 a year, it can fully support a scholar. It provides in Canada the equivalent to what we received in England – experience in a different country, a second degree with insights that could not be gained in the UK and a whole new set of people, some of whom become lifelong friends. Consequently, even our $20 or $100, makes a real difference (which we rarely feel for other, bigger fundraising causes). The scholars, themselves, are remarkable people. This is not surprising, when we pick the best in crowded fields of candidates from Oxford.

The Foundation is in good financial health. Our overhead is low, as all administrative work is done by volunteers. Our endowment allows us to give one scholarship and very occasionally, two a year. We would like to be able to elect two, every year, as the selection committee often has great difficulty selecting just one. This, however, would require substantial, additional help from our community. Our hope is that you will consider a gift – no contribution is too small, every one makes a difference.

Contributions may be made safely online to the CRSF through Canada Helps, or by cheque sent by mail.

We hope you will join us in supporting this, our very own, worthy cause.

Joelle Faulkner

Ontario & Wadham, 2005

Vivek Krishnamurthy

Ontario & St. Anthony's, 2002