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About the Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation

The Foundation awards the Oxford-Canada Scholarship, which offers graduates of Oxford University an opportunity to further their studies at a Canadian university of their choice.

One or two Oxford-Canada Scholarships are awarded, annually. They fund full-time, postgraduate study, renewable for a second year, and are open to all disciplines; there are no restrictions on the course of study.


The CRSF was founded by Canadian Rhodes Scholars including Roland Michener, a Governor General of Canada (Alberta, Hertford College, 1919).


The Foundation is governed by a board of directors.


The Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation (CRSF) is funded by senior Canadian Rhodes Scholars, former Oxford-Canada Scholars and others.

The CRSF gratefully acknowledges major gifts from:

The Chêne Foundation (Astrid Guttmann & Jeff Pentland)

The Ches Crosbie Success Foundation

The McCall MacBain Foundation

Marc Tessier-Lavigne

The estate of the Hon. Alastair William Gillespie, PC OC.;

and recent generous gifts from:

Bruce Amos

Area One Farms (Joelle Faulkner)

Richard Balfour

Peter Barker

Jonathan Bays

Colin Brzezicki

Eric Burgbusch

Robin Boadway

Andrew Brook

Shona Brown

Bill Buxton

Robert Calderisi

Ken Carty

Yolande & Michael Chan

Ian Clark

George Cooper

David Cuthbertson

Alex Debs

Adriaan De Hoog

Geoffrey Dougherty

James Farley

Lesley Fellows

Yves Fortier

Ross Francis

Rick French

David Goldbloom

John Helliwell

Lloyd Higgs

Alan Hobkirk

Brett House

Jacques Hurtubise

Prabaht Jha

David Phillip Jones

Vivek Krishnamurthy

H. Ian Macdonald

K.C. Mackenzie

John Madden

Robert Manzer

John McArthur

Douglas McCalla

Alison McGuigan

Daniel McNeil

Carol McQueen

Bill Megill

Alan Morinis

Yaa-Hemaa Obiri-Yeboah

Debi Ogunrinde

Wilson Parasiuk

Pierre Piché

Hugh Porteous

Daniel Promislow

Graham Reynolds

Hal Ritchie

Brian Rolfes & Brad Berg

Ian Runacres

Andrew Sancton

Alistair Saunders

Mark Schaan

Katie Sheehan

Paul Stanborough

Fiona Stewart

Kim Strong

James Taylor

Michael Urban

Boudewyn Van Oort

Brian Ward

Lord (Gordon) Wasserman

Jennifer Welsh

Gordon Wong

Anonymous (3)

Donations can be made to the CRSF online or by mail.

Canadian Association of Rhodes Scholars

The Foundation is closely tied to the membership of the Canadian Association of Rhodes Scholars but is a distinct entity.